The Escapist Issue #37 Now Available

The thirty-seventh issue of Escapist Magazine offers three new gaming-related articles, one of which is written by Deus Ex creator Warren Spector and another that looks at the illusion presented by "words" in a game like Thief: Deadly Shadows. An excerpt from the latter:
This background isn't just color, it's vital for creating a living environment, and that's vital for stealth games. For the player to feel like an intruder or a sneak, the environment can't seem to be waiting on him. Guards must seem oblivious to the player's presence (even though they exist solely for him). So, overheard conversations and peeked-at notes may be unconnected to the game's story and inconsequential to the successful completion of the level, but they're essential to the voyeuristic atmosphere that defines stealth gameplay. For a stealth-minded player, each uninterrupted conversation is a reward for quality quiet - proof that she's a masterful sneak.