Richard Garriott Interview

FiringSquad has conducted an interview with NCsoft's Richard Garriott, in which the former Ultima creator answers questions about Tabula Rasa and the MMORPG industry in general. One of the questions to follow:
Q: Most massively multiplayer games do not reveal their subscription numbers but Blizzard recently revealed that World of Warcraft has over 6 million subscribers worldwide. What do these numbers mean for the MMORPG genre in general and how does World of Warcraft's success affect how you develop your MMO games?

A: Wow's success brings millions of new players into online games, so we think it is GREAT for everyone in the MMP biz. Players normally churn out of an online game after about nine months, and so many other games are already seeing subscriber increases due to this effect. We have always said, (The only bad competition is a bad game.) If players have a poor MMP experience, they may not try another. Right now the number of games out there is so limited, we all benefit each other.