Titan Quest Developer Blog #8

An eighth installment to the TQ Vault's developer blog feature is now available, this time with Titan Quest gameplay designer Ian Frazier talking about the game's "boss" battles. An excerpt:
For instance, at one point in Egypt, the player will fight a carrion beetle the size of a Volkswagen, whom we've affectionately named Scarabaeus. Scarabaeus is heavily armored and has a boatload of hit points, so he's generally going to be a difficult fight no matter how you approach him the flow of the fight will be considerably different depending on your actions, however. He has a ranged attack where he spits a wave of caustic sputum toward his foes, but he'll do this often if you're far away and only rarely if you're at point blank range. It's heavily poison based, though, so if you've got a lot of poison resistance but little physical armor, trying to stay in that range (while avoiding his deadly melee attacks) and attacking him with spells or a bow could be a good strategy. If you've got a lot of armor but can't handle poison damage, charging in close may be your best bet. If you are constantly trying to keep a lot of distance on him and pick him off with a bow, while staying outside the range of his sputum and melee attacks, he may become angry and launch a volley of slimy, glistening eggs from a series of projections along his back. These eggs rupture upon hitting the ground and reveal a swarm of smaller but faster beetles which will quickly chase you down and start to chomp away. They're not very dangerous individually, but they're very fast, and in numbers can tear you up pretty fast. If you have a good Area of Effect attack, it may be worth dealing with them and keeping your distance from Scarabaeus. If not, you may want to come in closer and try dodging the caustic sputum at least then you'll be in less danger from the little beetles! Anyway, the point is that the fight can be won a number of different ways, and the choice is up to you