Titan Quest Interview

RPGDot was able to track down Iron Lore Entertainment's Brian Sullivan for a quick Q&A about their upcoming action RPG, Titan Quest. A bit of what was talked about:
Q: Equipment is also important in an action/RPG. Beyond the typical gear, does Titan Quest feature matched-sets (such as armour that provides bonuses when every piece has been collected), socketed items or any other form of item improvement or crafting?

A: To begin with, we have over 1000 unique pieces of equipment - on top of our common and randomized magical loot. The chances of finding an item no one else has seen will be pretty good! Some of those unique items do belong in sets, but we designed them so that you won't need the set for the item to be any good.

We also created something we call Relics. A Relic is an ancient fragment - of Achilles' spear or Artemis' bowstring, for example - that you can attach to one of your own items, absorbing some of the power of the god or hero that the Relic comes from. You can also find magically imbued parts of animals, like a tusk or a feather, that work like Relics do. We are calling these Charms.