Titan Quest Developer Blog #6

A sixth installment to the TQ Vault's developer blog feature is now available, this time with Titan Quest content designer Morgan Brown telling us about his day-to-day experiences at Iron Lore. An excerpt:
Time for lunch! This generally entails gathering some foody-bits and meeting up with others from The Lore in our crash site to play games or watch DVDs on the big screen. After stuffing your face, it's time to go back to making things and then setting them on fire for the rest of the afternoon. Somewhere along the way I might build some sweet evil-looking ruins or make a unit of heroic soldiers take their posts, but only if I allow time to photoshop some coworkers' heads into totally bizarre scenes (or scenes from Delta Force) that I've stumbled across on the internet. Maybe just maybe! I might have to go draw something as inappropriate as it is amusing on my boss' dry-erase board.

When the day draws to a close, it's time to play games. I can't reveal just what those games are, but you might say there are pirates and ninjas involved, or perhaps some kind of field of battle. War is waged, trash is talked, people are pwned, and pizza is ingested. Eventually real-life kicks in and you have to go do something like (go home and sleep) or even (go down the street and hang out at a local food and drink establishment), but you can never escape the inevitability of having to do it all again the next day.