Dungeons & Dragons Online Preview

Game Chronicles has written up a preview of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, based on their time in the game's ongoing beta test. Check it out:
Rogues are probably the most dramatic case in point. In most MMORPG's, rogue-type stealth/burst damage classes (who sneak up and 'burst' out of hiding with a couple of very strong ambush attacks, and then peter off during a protracted fight) are seen as a third wheel for a group dungeon, but in DDO, the prevalence of traps everywhere makes the rogue's role invaluable, as the rogue is the best class for detecting and disarming traps. After trying to finish a dungeon without a rogue in tow, most people quickly change their tune about recruiting a rogue to the group. It is this kind of effective effort that helps the fine game balance of DDO shine out, even from the beta, and overshadow many of the MMO's on the current market.