Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Developer Diary

Bethesda Softworks' latest newsletter contains another developer diary, this time with sound designer Mark Lampert discussing how he implemented the voiceovers and other audio into The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. A snippet:
But before this could all take place, the script itself had to be finalized and prepared for the voice talent. This meant exporting all dialog that had been written in the editor by our designers (a process that had to literally run through the night because of the sheer amount of data), then getting that all organized and into some useful form, printed, and separated into three copies one for the voice talent in the recording booth, one for the recording engineer so they could make notes as to which take on which line we wanted to keep, and one for myself and two other designers to read from as we directed the voice talent in different studios. Starting the formatting and organization work on the exported script at noon on a Sunday, I finally had the script copies back from the printers, assembled, and organized by 4am the next morning. I enjoyed a three hour snooze before waking myself up to load up all the scripts in their three separate boxes, load them into the trunk of my car, and head down to the studio to meet everyone for the first day of recording. The first conversation I had with the recording engineer was to ask if they had a dolly cart that I could borrow for a few minutes. (Sure. What do you need it for?) he asks. (To bring in the script,) I replied. Below are some of the pictures I took while assembling the script as it came back from the printers at some wee hour of the morning.