Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update #1

Obsidian's public relations manager Shane DeFreest stopped by the official Neverwinter Nights 2 forums to provide us with the game's first community update. In it, we're provided with some news about a forthcoming NWN2 website and a short Q&A. The full post:
Welcome to our first Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update. This is where we the community mangers do our best to keep you as up-to-date on all the NWN2 related news and goings on. As many of you know last month we asked the community what they wanted to know about classes and races. As expected the community response to our all call for questions was met with a considerable enthusiasm. We wish we could answer all of them, but alas, thats simply not possible. But as promised we will answer a few at the end of every update.

As we're sure you are aware be on he lookout for some exciting news in the very near future regarding the launch of the official site. But in the meantime here is what the folks at Obsidian had to say about a couple of your questions:

1) In NWN1 when a paladin stops being lawful good his class feats are still working (aka paladin/blackguard powerbuild). Is there any easy way to disable class feats of specific class on the specific PC (without removing them)?

Ferret: The big penalty for a paladin drifting from Lawful Good is he can no longer pick up paladin levels. His abilities do not retroactively get turned off it works like original Neverwinter Nights. Maybe an expansion or patch? I can see the appeal, but we have a lot we want to do and only so much time. We're adding a bunch of new features and refining some of the old ones over here at Obsidian, so you may not get everything but man, the community is going to get a lot. J

2) Will there be a hardcoded penalty to being an evil subrace? I think it would make sense to give drow and duergar a penalty to appraise/diplomacy/bluff/intimidate when dealing with surface races, especially when dealing with drow vs. elves (even more animosity there). I know, it is better for modders to do this themselves, but we all know that they won't. Far better to make it opt out than opt in. I just think it's pretty farsical for the game mechanics to treat drow exactly the same as moon elves in this regard. I think it would make playing one of these subraces more interesting and immersive.

Ferret: It's been discussed before but we're focusing our reactivity efforts on players' choices they make during gameplay, not character creation. That being said something like this is doable and we'll look into it. No promises, but it's now on the Listâ„¢.