EverQuest: Prophecy of Ro Preview

The folks at 1Up have published a preview of EverQuest: Prophecy of Ro, presumably after spending some firsthand time with the upcoming expansion pack. Check it out:
The Plane of Magic, the Plane of Rage, and both the modern (ruined) and ancient (intact) palace of the Elddar elves, the Palace Takish-Hiz, become available with this expansion. Druzzil opens a portal to the plane of magic where players will encounter floating zones like Arcstone, Skylance, and Relic -- Relic being the most immediately visual impressive of the lot, a tower-city reaching into the azure skies of the realm, with three Dragons within it looking extra-scary thanks to the new graphics engine. Seeing the lightning crackle along a dragon's wings, or the heat shift under a dragon's skin, is something that is fantasy fulfillment in a very old fashioned, D&D-cool way. The Plane of Rage is composed around the central feature of the Tower of Sullon Zek, the Demigod of Rage. Her insane anger lashes out against the realm from her prison, and the players will have to fight through a never-ending war to reach her Tower. Numerous factions fight between her tower and the Seething Wall, a horrible edifice which the souls slain in the Plane of Rage are forced to fight their way out of, only to rejoin the fight within the Plane again and again. Just outside of Freeport in the Desert of Ro, players will be able to find the ruins of Takish-Hiz and eventually gain the ability to return to the Takish-Hiz of Old, there to get the be cast into Norrath's past, to Tunare's first children when they lived -- the Elddar Elves and the Takish-Hiz of Old.