Dungeons & Dragons Online Designer Diary #3

GameSpot has published their third designer diary for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, this time with Turbine's Sean Lindskog discussing the lengths the team went to in order to make the game feel like a tabletop RPG. A snip:
The first design goal was to create the ultimate dungeon crawl. I'm really fond of the old first-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons modules. The centerpiece of many of these was a bunch of interconnected rooms, each with some deadly menace awaiting your arrival. It might have been a cavern, a labyrinth, a tomb, or a castle, but it probably had a bunch of rooms, passageways, and little numbers, which the dungeon master used to look up room descriptions and secretly plot your demise. Ahh, good times! No D&D game should have anything less than an incredible dungeon crawl.