Titan Quest Developer Blog #3

Titan Quest animator Brian Labore is the latest team member to provide us with a quick write-up in TQ Vault's developer blog feature. A snip:
Titan Quest has over 80 different monsters in game. These range from more traditional mythological creatures such as satyrs and cyclopes, to more exotic beasts such as acid belching, multi-legged, camouflaged plant creatures. There are tiny monsters that are half as big as a man and then there are gigantic terrors like the Hydra, which dwarfs everything around it, even really tall things, like trees.tall trees.with branches. It's great having the variety of baddies that we do, as it keeps monster encounters fresh and exciting. Another way we've added variety is giving most of the monsters you encounter multiple means of attack. Stemming from the unique system in our game where you can pick up any weapon or armor you see a monster use against you, many of our monsters have had to learn the ways of multiple weapons. A group of jackal men waiting to ambush you aren't all armed with the same sword, they can have swords, spears, bows, magical staves: whatever you can wield, they can wield. You are doomed, DOOMED I say!