Dungeons & Dragons Online Interview

Gamer.co.il has conjured up a short interview with Turbine's David Eckelberry about their highly anticipated MMORPG, Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach. A little something to get you started:
Q: Most CRPG players have never been to Eberron. Most of them have been to the Forgotten Realms universe, as presented to them in games such as 'Baldur's Gate'. Why did you prefer the less familiar world of 'Eberron' instead of the more famous world of the Forgotten Realms?

Basically because the possibility space in Eberron is so much greater. We have more creative freedom, since every corner hasn't already been described in hundreds of game accessories and novels, and dozens of video games. We also don't have to focus our energy on re-creating old places and characters from previous game product; we can devote ourselves instead for making high-quality original material.

For players, I think there's something liberating in playing within the space of a new world. Here, there's no Drizzt or Elminster to save the Stormreach, Xen'drik, or Eberron from the forces of evil, if you'll pardon the cliché. No, here in this largely unexplored world, it's up for the players to become the heroes.