Dungeons & Dragons Online Preview

The folks at RPGLand have written up a preview of Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, after spending some time with the MMORPG's ongoing beta test. Check it out:
There is a heavy emphasis on party play, which makes sense when considering the game's roots. Classes are very balanced, allowing each character to bring something to the table. Rogues add to a party by helping ensure they don't set off every trap in a dungeon--and oh, there are a lot of traps. Wizards and sorcerers generally bring the bang, fighters distract the enemy and take the brunt of the damage, clerics ensure that moderate wounds heal before they become fatal, and bards inspire. The use of feats and skills allow flexibility within the character creation process, allowing for different ways to play the same class, although if players expect to hold a party's interest, it's best not to be too specialized.