Neverwinter Nights 2 Interviews

Both Warcry and have posted new interviews with Obsidian Entertainment's Ferret Baudoin about the company's highly anticipated Neverwinter Nights sequel. A snip from Warcry's interview:
Q: Will you be upgrading spells to the 3.5 definitions?

A: Yes, we will. There was a good stretch of time where the 3.0 Player's Handbook and 3.5 version were always open on my desk as I tried to find all the nuance changes between the systems. Fortunately, some denizens of the web also provided frightening data on this to help. But many spells have gone through changes because of 3.5. One of the biggies is the Harm and Heal spells which now have damage and healing caps. Many of the stat buff spells have had their duration changed. And many more changes are around.

And a snip from's interview:
Q: Who from your development team worked on the main writing for the protagonist and the hero in the game?

A: The main story was written by a combination of John Lee and myself at the beginning of the project, with a lot of input from others (most especially Frank Kowalkowski, our lead programmer). But the base story is really a springboard for the area designers and writers to take off from so it's a huge collaborative effort. The protagonist's writing is done by all designers because every reply is us making sure the protagonist has his chance to reply the way he wants. We try to not go too crazy with the replies because we want to make sure that a player has a response that fits their character and character's personality every step along the way.

Our main writer on the project is Chris Avellone (of Planescape: Torment and Knights of the Old Republic 2 fame). The other writers and designers on the project are: Tony Evans, Eric Fenstermaker, Constant Gaw, Jeff Husges, and George Ziets. We also had help along the way from Josh Sawyer, Michael Chu, and Matt Deller.