Neverwinter Nights 2 Interview

RPGDot has conducted an interview with Obsidian Entertainment's Darren Monahan, Chris Avellone, and Ferret Baudoin about their highly anticipated Neverwinter Nights sequel. A little something about porting modules:
Q: You've said that existing dialogue and scripts can be imported into NWN2 and existing modules can be ported with "minimal fuss" - what does this mean, exactly? What about converting art assets?

A: We've kept mum about this for awhile, because we don't want to promise the world on this one. Unfortunately keeping complete parity with NWN1 modules will be impossible given the changes to exteriors, the upgrade to 3.5 rules (as many skills, feats and spells have changed), as well as other technical issues that make it not a simple upgrade path.

We are however taking great pains to insure users can import their dialogs and scripts, which are often the bulk of time-consuming work. We can't guarantee this until we ship, but that's still our goal.