Neverwinter Nights 2 Interview, Part Two

RPG Vault is offering up the second portion of their Neverwinter Nights 2 interview with Obsidian Entertainment's Ferret Baudoin. A little something to start you off:
Q: Will it be possible to have a party of more than two this time? Won't players tend to stick with the first ones they meet? And how much interaction can we expect with and among the companions?

A: There will be plenty more companions than you can bring with you. That gives you the opportunity to bring along the people you like. And ditch those loser do-gooders by the side of the road, if you like. You can bring up to three companions with you on your journeys - so welcome to a four-person party with all the main roles in a traditional party being represented - Fighter, Wizard, Cleric and Rogue.

And definitely, some folks will prefer to stick with some of the first characters you meet in the game. In the course of the story, you'll have to change the lineup though, so you'll get to know everybody at least a little bit. But some of our later companions are pretty wicked cool - so I think people will be tempted to use them.

As far as interactions with your companions, they're the equivalent of fellow players at a gaming table to some extent. They'll chime in, make objections and have their moments. We had a lot of fun doing those sorts of things in Knights of the Old Republic II, and it's something we definitely wanted to continue in NWN2. We also use the influence system we developed on KotOR2 because it builds in incentives to treat your companions like real people. If you want to get on their good side, you have to figure out what makes them tick.