City of Villains Review has tossed up a review of City of Villains, giving NCsoft and Cryptic Studios' supervillain MMORPG an overall score of 81/100. Here's why:
So how do I score this thing? Well, rigorous scientific principles have been applied and the bottom line is that City Of Villains has had a much stronger start than City Of Heroes, and the long-term prospects, basebuilding, PvP game and even the setting have all grown on me following initial reservations. I still think the early game could do with some work - individual character class paths would help immensely - but at least the lessons of COH appear to have been learned and improved upon.

It might not be the super-villain game of our dreams (that was probably Evil Genius), but given the nature of MMOs, it's probably the best we're going to get until someone decides to really push the online genre to its very limits.