Dungeons & Dragons Online Monster Profile #27

Turbine's official Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach website has been updated with its twenty-seventh monster profile, this time detailing the Fire Elemental. Check it out:
The fire elemental is an admirably simple creature. It just wants to burn it all down. Burn the buildings, burn the people, burn the stones, and even burn the water. To be honest, young adventurer, sometimes as I wander the stinking sewers beneath our rotting seaside city, filled with its greed, corruption, and monsters pretending to be civilized, I share the fire elemental's sentiment. Burn it all down, yeah. Especially the quarters of House Kundarak and the Twelve, those scheming twits who cast me out. Now before you show up on my door accusing me of arson, let's move on to discussion just how you can deal with these summoned creatures when you encounter them upon the travails.

There is also a video showing off the creature's in-game animation, which you can take a look at in either a small or large version.