Dungeons & Dragons Online Preview

The guys over at GamerGod have written up a preview of Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, based on existing information available for the MMORPG. A snip about traveling:
(Okay we want to go to that town)
(It takes one week)
*Roll of a dice* *Roll of a dice* *Roll of a dice* etc.

We've all been here -- the tedious wait until the DM tries to work out if you bump into anything on your road to somewhere. Although this adds an element of realism to your pen and paper game, it can be a long wait, depending on the journey. Likewise, if you had to walk for a week to get to a town, I daresay a fair few people would be less than impressed. As a result, Turbine has decided that to travel, you simply ask someone to take you there and a nice little red line shows you where you travel past on your map. What this does is cut out the need for mounts and such, making the game run smoother with less of the dull walking or running from place to place.