City of Villains Review

WorthPlaying has conjured up a very enthusiastic review of City of Villains, giving NCsoft and Cryptic Studios' supervillain expansion/standalone MMORPG an overall score of 9.0. Here's why:
Though I did not get to experiment with some of the intermediate and advanced content of the game, such as Raids and Player vs. Player combat, I can only guess that they are just as triumphant. City of Villains is a tremendously successful implementation of an idea that was hatched several years ago, with the launch of City of Heroes. It seems that Cryptic and NCSoft have found a potential answer to the shortcomings that plagued their game universe. Perhaps one of the most positive things about the additions in City of Villains is that it seems that the developers have every intention to carry over the successful elements to City of Heroes, giving a good game a needed boost, and hopefully attracting new and old players to both games.