City of Villains Reviews

A handful of positive reviews for NCsoft and Cryptic Studios' City of Villains surfaced on the 'net over the past few days. The first is at Skewed and Reviewed with an overall score of 5/5 and a small included interview:
The graphics of the game are solid showing the incredible potential of the game engine. I was able to have high detail levels that included moving grass and water drops as well as dynamic effects. The game engine is able to render detailed objects far in the distance and gives an amazing sense of scale, as the terrain and layout of the island are very detailed. The lighting effects in combat as well as the inclusion of cut scenes were also a nice touch and ads to the immersion in the game for players. The audio portion of the game is very strong as the music changes according to zones and gameplay conditions as do the sound effects in game.

The second is at Xequted with an overall score of 8/10:
You can't play City of Villains without thinking that Cryptic could have done much more. Given the relatively free-roaming landscape style of MMORPGs, more effort should have gone into actually making you feel like a villain. Instead you are left feeling like you're playing CoH, just in a different world and in a slightly darker pair of spandex.

The third is at PC Gameworld with an overall score of 80%:
All things considered, City of Villains offers a fun, engaging experience. If you loved City of Heroes, you'll certainly love what CoV adds to the whole experience. I'm not sure that the new content warrants a whole new game as opposed to a simple expansion pack, but the fact that you can play both games for only one subscription fee makes up for that a little. Obviously, World of Warcraft currently owns the MMORPG market, but for those looking for an alternative to dragons and castles, City of Villains might just be right up your dark, crime-infested ally.

And the fourth is at Club Skill with an overall score of 8.7/10:
City of Villains is pretty-much just the evil twin of City of Heroes. With the exception of base building and PvP, there really is no huge difference between the two games. While this is not a bad thing at all, it will just be a shame for anyone expecting a much different game. While the environments in Villains have a more darker and sinister feel than they do in Heroes, fans will find themselves playing much of the same game.