Titan Quest Previews

Both GameSpot and IGN PC have released updated previews of Titan Quest, after checking out the latest build of Iron Lore's action RPG. A snip from GameSpot's article:
We also got an update on the character-creation system. When you create a new character, you choose a gender and a name, and then select two distinctive skills that will determine your character's class. As there are eight skills to choose from, there are approximately 20 different classes in the game, which should provide lots of replayability. Apart from that, we didn't get many new details regarding the single-player campaign, but we did learn that you will be able to play the campaign in both single-player and cooperative multiplayer. And you can switch between the two, so you can start a campaign in single-player and then play portions of it in co-op with your friends. But if your friends aren't around you can go back to playing solo.

And a snip from IGN PC's article:
Those that are wary of mass appeal games need not worry. With over 120 skills total, players will have plenty to choose from creating a pretty deep RPG. From the beginning of the game, players will only have to choose between a male or female character and then branch out to skill sets from there. All of the skills will be broken up into eight skill masteries of which each player will need to pick two. That gives players the freedom to either mix masteries to become an iconic character like a warrior or take opposites to create a more hybrid character like the one broken out to show off the Egyptian area of the game where fire beetles, scorpions, and jackalmen roamed the land.