City of Villains Reviews

Cryptic Studios' newly released City of Villains continues to be the subject of fairly positive reviews around the web. The first is at GameSpot with an overall score of 8.2/10:
Of course, affecting that sneering tone, mowing down self-righteous do-gooders, and enacting insane plans for world domination is exactly what City of Villains' gameplay aims for. It doesn't always find its mark--you don't necessarily feel like much of a villain, and it's easy to get slogged down in missions that don't feel very different from City of Heroes. Still, if you're willing to commit to the spirit of the setting, City of Villains completes the circle of comic book adventure and makes it awfully fun to get in touch with your inner evil mastermind.

And the second is at Amped IGO with an overall score of 7.3/10:
City of Villains is good fun, and its combat is amongst the best in the genre. Assuming you love City of Heroes, chances are you will make the transition easily, particularly since you can pay the same monthly fee and play both titles. If you liked City of Heroes but grew bored with its lack of complexity, you might enjoy the romp, thanks to the new setting and superior story arc. Just don't expect anything remarkably different than you've already experienced, nor should you expect to feel particularly evil. In other words, City of Villains is a respectable extension to a great game, but it doesn't do a lot that sets it apart from its valiant brother, and that's both its strongest forte and its greatest burden.