Dungeons & Dragons Online Preview

MMORPG.com has conjured up a preview of Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, after attending a recent press event for the game and speaking with lead designer Ken Troop. Check it out:
The result of the instancing is that players feel more like they are playing with a small number of people around a table. The missing element would seem to be the Dungeon Master, the person who tells the story specifically for the characters. When I asked him whether players would be given the toolsets to make their own adventures (and instanced quests), Troop told me that there were no plans for this in the immediate future because they are going to (focus on trying to create a hit. We want to be the best in [what Troop calls] the 3 C's: combat, character, and content.) Troop also told us not to count out the possibility of players gaining the ability to act as DMs.