City of Villains Reviews

A trio of positive reviews for NCsoft and Cryptic Studios' City of Villains have made their way to the 'net. The first is at GameSpy with an overall score of 4.5/5:
I remember reading once about the difference between a mere villain and an "arch-enemy." The arch-enemy is the one foe that is equal and opposite to the hero in every way, the one that gives him his greatest challenge. In an odd way, the hero needs his arch-enemy; his or her existence gives the hero's meaning. That same dynamic is very much in play with City of Villains. Sure, City of Villains can be purchased as a standalone product, and it'll still be fun. Like Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Moriarty or He-Man and Skeletor, though, City of Heroes and City of Villains need each other in order to be complete. Having the whole package makes the City of. games what they were always meant to be -- one of the best massively multiplayer online games available today.

The second is at G4 with an overall score of 4/5:
As a stand-alone game, City of Villains is a competent massively multiplayer online RPG, but not a radical departure from City of Heroes. If you didn't like City of Heroes, you're probably not going to like City of Villains. But as an expansion pack to City of Heroes (and one that doesn't increase your current subscription rate), City of Villains has a wealth of fresh content and exciting new features. Even if you just plan on playing a hero, it's probably worth picking up the City of Villains just so you can have access to the new player versus player content. We'll see you on the dark side.

And the third is at WomenGamers with an overall score of 8/10:
It was easy to get right into it and get involved. You select targets, click on the power you want to use on them and kill them off. There is an effortless feeling of jumping and gliding. If you get hurt you take some green crosses, or if you die you wake up in the hospital. After you kill a few bad guys in a mission you go and port to the next zone. It has a a relaxing pace. The bright costumes and the originality that players have makes the game interesting. It isn't immersive because it is a spoof and it isn't meant to be taken seriously.