X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Reviews

A half dozen new reviews for Activision and Raven's X-Men Legends sequel have reached the web over the past few days. The first is at Gamers Wanted with an overall score of 8.5/10:
X-Men Legends II takes everything that you loved about X-Men Legends and turns the dial to 11. More characters, more players at once, more powers. The game is at it's best when played with friends, but even a solo romp is definitely worth a full play-through. Any self respecting X-fan would be ashamed to be caught without this gem on their shelf.

The second is at CV-Games with an overall score of "A":
Overall, X-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse is the best Action RPG I have played in a very long time. If you are a fan of the genre, then by all means pick up this title. If you are not a big Action RPG fan but love the X-Men, this title may just convert you to the genre for good.

The third is at PSX Extreme with an overall score of 8.4/10:
If you didn't play the console versions of Legends II, but you're looking for a fun action RPG, you could do worse than to pick yourself up a copy of the game for the PSP. On the other hand, if you played the heck out of the game on the PS2, then there's no reason to play it again on the PSP, since the two are so similar. Vicarious Visions should be commended on not compromising anything in the transition to the small screen; they did a great job.

The fourth is at GamesFirst! with an overall score of 4/5:
If you're even considering a purchase here, then go forward with no hesitation. X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse is an excellent action-RPG with plenty of appeal for either RPG or X-Men fans. This is a great big game fit into a tiny little package, and is just the thing to get me to blow the dust off my PSP.

The fifth is at 3DAvenue with an overall score of 4/5:
We tested with the Playstation 2 version of the game, but there are also PC, Xbox and Gamecube variants, as well as a portable PSP version. The Xbox version uses Xbox Live for its online multiplayer malarkey, while the Gamecube version lacks online multiplayer altogether. Then again, the Gamecube version also lacks twenty sweet dollars off the asking price compared to the Xbox and PS2 versions. Given the relatively low takeup of online gaming, it's hard not to wonder how an online mode is, in and of itself, worth twenty bucks. Or, to put it another way, if you've got a Gamecube and either an Xbox or PS2, plump for the Gamecube version and spend the twenty bucks you'll save on some pizzas to eat with your mates while you tuck into some tasty mutant-based action.

And the sixth is of the mobile version at IGN Wireless with an overall score of 8.4/10:
X-Men Legends II is a brawler with good depth. The ability to pick from five different characters with individual move sets (but with commands that aren't wildly different that you cannot memorize combos), and the action is enjoyable enough that you may want to play through it a second time with unused mutants/ I like that the RPG trimmings from the console edition are present, but not overwhelming; you power up some stats and moves, but there's no worry of custom changes or item-equipping. If you like the X-Men or stomping monsters -- and I bet these two audiences have some serious overlap -- then X-Men Legends II is a needed download.