City of Villains Rogues Gallery

UGO has published a new "Rogues Gallery" feature for City of Villains, where they've profiled several of the game's most feared supervillains. Here's a bit about Captain Mako:
Gideon Ray is a mutant with shark-like gills and teeth. Cast out as a freak by his parents and even the Paragon City orphanage, he eventually wound up living beneath the docks at Independence Point. There he mastered his mutant abilities and survived by stealing food and necessities from the many unguarded ships anchored there.

Eventually he was taken in by a crew of modern-day pirates. His increasingly shark-like looks gave him the name "Mako." Pirating was the perfect profession for Gideon, and he became the captain of the group in just a few short months. What he did to the previous captain isn't repeatable, but the phrase "feeding frenzy" would not be out of line.