City of Villains Interview has conducted an interview with Cryptic Studios' David "Zeb" Cook, in which the senior designer answers ten questions about the newly released City of Villains. Here we go:
Q: How are missions assigned in the game and what sort of missions will players face. What enemies will players encounter aside from other heroes?

A: One of the things we've set out to do in CoV is change the feel of how players get missions. All along we've known that villains needed to feel like they were causing trouble, not stopping it. We've revamped contacts to make them more individual with particular stories to tell. Players will learn that this contact is all about Arachnos or the Goldbrickers. That gives them more ability to choose their targets. We're also introducing a brand new contact type, brokers. These are the guys who know what's happening. Players can ask them what they've heard about Circle of Thorns, Consortium or other groups and maybe get a job that involves that group.

The great thing about villains is they pretty much hate equally. They hate heroes, they hate other villain groups; they can even hate their own group, with factions plotting against each other. In addition to new members of the groups they've already seen, players will face hero organizations such as Longbow and the Legacy Chain, take on costumed vigilantes from Paragon City, and battle other villains such as the Goldbrickers, Snakes, and Arachnos.