Dungeon Siege II Reviews

The new week brings us a couple more reviews for Microsoft and Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege sequel. The first is at GameBoomers with an overall score of 79%:
Fans of hack and slash RPGs should be in their element with this game. The problem I had with it was mainly that this could have been a classic but for some annoying features. It is superior to its predecessor in many ways, with mostly wonderful innovations and a few irritants. If this franchise takes those things into consideration and develops a third to the series -- world look out!

And the second is at RPGFan with an overall score of 86%:
Dungeon Siege 2 is very much a game out to have fun. It's not there to break any records, or to do anything tremendously new or innovative, or even to look graphically stunning. It's there to show off its own version of the standard story, and its own version of the underground fortress filled with goblins or trek up the evil burnt slopes of the giant mountain. Endlessly light and easy to play with untold improvements over the first game, this is a simple and easy blast for any players looking for something a little mindless to put on their PC.