Dungeons & Dragons Online Alpha Journal #4

Turbine's official Dungeons & Dragons Online website has been updated with a fourth alpha journal, this time offering an introduction to creating and playing a Cleric in the MMORPG. An excerpt to follow:
I placed my initial 12 skill points into Diplomacy (4), Heal (4) and Concentration (4). Diplomacy is already useful for progressing in some quests through NPC interaction, plus you can use it in combat to convince the monsters to attack someone else. Heal is useful for stabilizing allies when spell points are low and also helps the party get more hit points back while resting. Concentration is very useful for getting spells off while monsters are attacking you.

For my two first level feats, one for being first level and one for being human, I selected Mental Toughness and Shield Mastery. Mental Toughness grants a very nice initial bonus to spell points and also grants a smaller bonus each level as you advance. Shield Mastery improves the blocking effectiveness of shields which is already quite nice at lowering the punishment you take from attacks by making you get hit less and not as hard.