City of Villains Q&A, Part Three has dished up the final installment to their three-part City of Villains Q&A with Cryptic Studios' David "Zeb" Cook. A snippet:
Q: Assuming CoV has a sidekick/exemplar option, what is the villainous reasoning behind it to tie in with the games atmosphere?

A: Every good villain sometimes has a lackey, the CoV version of sidekicks. As far as villainy goes, it's always good to have someone to abuse-- er, train. Likewise, more powerful villains have been known to tag along to bail lesser companions out of trouble. In CoV we call them malefactors. It's an opportunity to demonstrate your obvious superiority -- "Hah, I'll help you crush these fools without even using my death ray eyes!"

They've also tossed up two new screenshots from the now-gold expansion/standalone MMORPG.