City of Villains Preview

The folks at Gamehelper have posted a short preview of City of Villains, based on what they saw of the City of Heroes supervillain expansion at a recent NCsoft press event. An excerpt to follow:
Base raids can take place when one supergroup attains an '˜Item of Power'. These '˜items' grant those in possession a buff in stats, depending on the particular item. One item of power may increase the damage output of members, while another may increase their defense. These items will, of course, be greatly sought after, and as a result, once a supergroup has acquired one, they will be susceptible to having their base raided by other supergroups. Challengers will contact and attempt to schedule an actual raid with the defending group (as to make sure that teammates can be notified of the event in the case that they are not currently logged on). Base raids will last up to 60 minutes, wherein the challenging team must successfully reach the '˜Item of Power' or destroy the six '˜dimensional anchors' scattered throughout the base. The defenders must simply hold off the attackers for 60 minutes by, hopefully, a well crafted defense system and the blood and sweat of teammates involved in the raid.