City of Villains Q&A, Part Two has published the second installment to their three-part City of Villains Q&A with Cryptic Studios' David "Zeb" Cook. An excerpt to follow:
Q: Apart from bases, what have you developed to promote the communities from both CoH and CoV to interact?

A: First, within each game we're providing some long requested enhancements to supergroups -- more ranks, more controls over who can do what, etc. and some special supergroup-only content. We want supergroups to come into their own with distinct personalities and purpose. For the community as a whole, we're adding 3 crossover zones at launch where heroes and villains can both go and take part in PvP play. Nor are we forgetting the PvE players. CoV players will see missions set in special instances of Paragon City to bring home the rivalry between the worlds of heroes and villains. With time, new missions for heroes will expose them to parts of the Rogue Isles.