City of Villains Preview

The guys at Shacknews are offering up a two-page preview of City of Villains, after spending some firsthand time with Cryptic Studios' latest creation. A snippet:
The addition most appealing to me, however, is base creation. No self-respecting criminal syndicate would be caught dead without a formidable base of operations, so supergroups (aka guilds) will now be able to design and build bases accessible through portals in the main game world. This too will be something available to both heroic supergroups and villainous supergroups, though as the content itself is contained in City of Villains, heroes who want bases will have to pick up a copy of the game. A base can be created when a group has obtained enough Prestige points, which will be accrued simply by defeating enemies, completing quests, and doing all the normal things you do in the game. The points earned by every member of the group are added to that group's cumulative total. However, individuals gain a very small number of points for the most part, so Prestige is best acquired in a large group that is fairly active. Prestige works just like currency; larger bases with more impressive facilities and decorations cost more points than smaller, less lavish constructions.