Horizons: Empire of Istaria Q&A

GamersInfo has published a Q&A with Tulga Games' Jason "Amon Gwareth" Murdick, in which the content and systems designer answers questiosn about his gaming history and involvement with Horizons: Empire of Istaria. So many good Ultima memories...
Q: Twice you've mentioned the Ultima games. What is it about that series that resonates so well with gamers after so many years and iterations?

A: I liked the Ultima series because of the depth of the story, the possibilities for exploration of the landscape as well as the residents of the towns. And throughout it all, you had a noble goal you were working towards. Afterall, YOU were the Avatar, the embodiment of all that was good and so you were expected to strive to uphold those virtues you gained in Ultima 4. I tried hard to carry those through all of the later games. Probably cheesy, but it was what kept me going.