Dungeons & Dragons Online Preview

One of the editors over at d20 Magazine Rack has taken a closer look at Dungeons & Dragons Online after seeing Turbine's MMORPG firsthand at this year's GenCon. Check it out:
Dungeons and Dragons Online features a highly interactive environment. Doors can be broken down, certain props destroyed, perhaps even walls collapsed, etc. Moreover, the environment does not regenerate itself. If you batter down a door to gain access to a room, that door will still be battered down the next time you pass. Obviously, this can change the way you play somewhat. Almost all of the skills in the D&D game have made the transition (if you enter deep water, for example, your movement and chances of drowning are determined by your Swim skill), as have many of the feats (along with a few new ones). Along the same lines, there is no (autosearch) function. If you intend to locate a trap to disarm, you'll have to search for it. Oh yes, and the monsters will learn from experience, as well. Don't expect a trick that worked the first time to work again unless the creature is particularly stupid.