Titan Quest Interview, Part One

RPG Vault has kicked up the first installment of a new Titan Quest interview with lead designer Brian Sullivan. In it, Brian answers questions about the game's storyline, cinematic sequences, character development, and more. An excerpt:
Q: How do character creation and development work? And have you put in any elements that our readers might find unusual or especially interesting?

A: When the player starts the game, they will just name their character and select male or female, and start to play. We do not have customized looks to our character because we want the player to get in the game as soon as possible, and because the player's character will be covered in armor and other equipment within the first hour of play.

As the player plays the game, they will be able to select one of their mini-classes when they first level up their character, and their second mini-class later in the game. Stats are increased as in most RPGs, and skill points are also acquired as in most games.

We have a few nice twists to our spell system. We have spell families, where points can be put into the main spell, such as a fireball, to increase its power. But spell points can also be put into modifier spells, such as splash damage, damage over time or multiple shots, giving the main spell different attributes. This system is nice in a few ways. Hardcore players can customize their skills in ways that compliment their style of play. Also, no skills become obsolete, because our skills are not superseded by others (fireball being superseded by firestorm, for example), and the modifier spells will keep the main spell competitive throughout the game.

Another nice twist is that our spell effects scale with the level of the spell. A low-level fireball will look like a low-level fireball, but a player that puts a lot of points into fireball will have an awesome looking one. Higher-level characters with maxed out skills will look fantastic in combat. We think having your skill effects progress is critically important to developing your character.