City of Villains Preview

GameSpot has put together a two-page preview of City of Villains, based upon some firsthand time with the expansion/standalone MMORPG. A little something to start you off:
Once you've chosen the archetype and powers you'll use in City of Villains, you'll then proceed to the part of the game that the original City of Heroes is perhaps most famous for: choosing your appearance. According to Cook, the final version of City of Villains should feature about a third of the original game's appearance options (including helmets, hoods, masks, tights, martial arts robes, stuffed animals, and robot arms, among others), but it will also have plenty of brand-new accoutrements specifically designed for villains. These include touches as subtle as a character with a perpetually raised eyebrow to attributes as outrageous as hoofed feet, barbed-wire or steel-chain necklaces, reptilian skin, and a set of monstrous faces that vaguely resemble grinning wolves and vampire bats.