X-Men Legends II Character Spotlight & Movies

GameSpot has published a new character spotlight feature for X-Men Legends II, in which they profile the mysterious Scarlet Witch. A little bit about her:
In XMLII, the Scarlet Witch's powers result in some powerful attacks that manifest themselves as beams that she shoots out from her hands or as potent area-of-effect blasts that damage everyone and everything surrounding her. You won't have a problem picking out the Scarlet Witch in a crowd of busy baddie-busting mutants--her flowing red hair and commanding arcane powers make her an obvious force to be reckoned with. If you want to see this crimson powerhouse in action, be sure to check out our media page to watch her character-spotlight movie.

And if you want to watch the spotlight movie they mention (as well as a few other new movies), check out their media page.