Titan Quest Preview

IGN PC has put together a preview of Titan Quest, after getting some firsthand time with THQ and Iron Lore's upcoming action RPG. A snippet to follow:
While action RPGs are typically pretty chunky and possessed of an arcane character development system, it looks like Iron Lore may have figured out a happy medium between approachable fun and outlandish complexity. Take co-op multiplayer, for example, which you can do over a LAN or the 'Net. You can save your progress at any point, which is great for those who don't have a lot of time to drop on a computer game on a given day. Those who do, however, will eventually be reward with unlockable difficulties levels, the highest of which is intended to be absolutely punishing for those who don't know how to work together in a party, or don't know their character classes very well. It sounds like those of us who get in deep enough will encounter some incredible difficult beasties along the way to victory -- which we're told will take up to one hundred hours.