X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Previews

Another handful of hands-on previews for Activision and Raven's X-Men Legends sequel have surfaced on the 'net. The first is at GameSpy:
Overall, the game played smoothly as though two people were splitting a TV -- a la the first X-Men Legends -- rather than having two Xboxes linked up on two different screens. It seems that the demand for online co-op play on consoles is being met, and Raven Studios has tackled it with absolute tenacity. With the addition of voice chat, this sequel is shaping up to be a bonafide winner, and could be one of the year's finest titles for both Xbox Live and PS2 online. I wasn't able to get lucky and try out the PSP version, but if it's functioning anything like the console versions, it's going to be a big hit for Sony's handheld.

The second is at 1Up:
Cooperation is a theme in a different way as well, because Legends II supports online cooperative multiplayer (but if you're feeling adversarial, there's also an online competitive battle mode). Multiplayer co-op plays like one might expect: you lose control over what your teammates do, but that leaves you with less management duties and more focus on what your character is doing.

The third is at Gamehelper:
Right away, particularly with the PC version, X-Men Legends II reminded me of an old favorite Action/RPG, namely Diablo. The similar nature becomes far more apparent with the PC version as the controls become a '˜point and click' type affair. Gamers can opt to use a gamepad, or map keys for movement and attacks, making it feel more like its console counterpart, but now why would you want to do that? Raven has spent a great deal of time in catering to the PC gamer, and I suspect this will reap great rewards. Being a total absentee the first time around, Raven is making sure that the sequel will go beyond a simple port, at least as far as the controls are concerned.

The fourth is at Shacknews:
While the three console versions of the game play fairly identically, there are some major differences in the PC version, due to the obvious disparity in control devices. On the PC the game plays very much like Diablo does. While the game is configured to allow control by way of WASD or the arrow keys, the developers recommend using the mouse for movement. Characters are moved either by pointing and clicking to a specific spot, or by holding down the mouse button and moving it continuously foward. The various powers are bound to the number keys, similarly to the default weapon selection bindings in a first person shooter, so they can all be available at all times (unlike those of the console versions, must be swapped out to the face buttons). It doesn't feel quite as intuitive at first as the console controller scheme, but the learning curve is shallow.

And the fifth is at RPGamer:
Unlike the first edition which had you begin the game as a single X-Man, Wolverine, sixteen characters are available off the bat. This means your friends aren't forced to wait impatiently on the couch until you acquire more characters before they can join in; and you can immediately begin experimenting with character combinations for the best X-team. The gameplay is very similar to the first title. With four mutants, either controlled by players or AI, you will crawl through dungeons using melee, ranged, or extreme powers to hack, slash, or blast through enemies. This time around, Raven has been more generous by giving each character around 8-12 superpowers, twice as many as the first game. Also, powers are more diversified so that some characters don't feel like copies of each other. Bishop can shoot away enemies with guns or use his energy absorption power to reflect blasts back at his aggressors. Magneto's "Death Trap" encases an enemy in metal shards for extra damage while Juggernaut grows in size the longer he pummels an enemy with "Crimson Rage." Sunfire can create an "Ion Shield" to form a barrier of intense heat around him so anyone who walks into it is burnt to a crisp. Iceman can even summon an ice minion to fight alongside the party and absorb damage.