City of Villains Preview

Eurogamer has put together a preview of City of Villains, the upcoming expansion/standalone MMORPG from Cryptic Studios. Check it out:
Speaking of which, Player Versus Player is a big deal in City of Villains. There'll be several PvP zones at launch, and each has a specific set-up, as players fight amongst themselves for the code to launch a rocket, for example. You'll even fight in Paragon City. But the really interesting PvP, to our minds, concerned bases. Bases are another new addition to CoV and are effectively your own customisable lairs, which you acquire at a certain level and can then customise to the same degree you would a new character. Before long you'll be able to display trophies based on your group's exploits, and Emmert says that Heroes will be able to take advantage of the base system too through another free release, which should be forthcoming around the time the game comes out. So what's the link to PvP? Well, in short, you can raid each other's bases.