Dungeon Siege II Reviews

Both Gamezilla and Game Over Online have conjured up favorable reviews of Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege sequel. The article at Gamezilla gives the game a "Recommended - Buy" rating:
Frankly, Dungeon Siege II is everything Diablo should have been. Better story, more diverse action, continuously loading world, and better graphical interface. Highly Recommended.

While the article at Game Over Online gives the game an overall score of 80%:
But, overall, Dungeon Siege II is a nice enough game. It's polished and well made, it has a long campaign, and there's even some re-playability to it, both for starting a new character and playing the campaign again, and for upping the difficulty level and continuing the exploits of your first character. I enjoyed Dungeon Siege II even though it's not the type of role-playing game that I usually hope for, and I expect fans of the genre will like it even better than that, assuming they're not buying it for the multiplayer aspect, since multiplayer seems to be having problems at the moment (the couple times I tried joining games, I got errors). So it's easy to recommend the game. It's worth the $50 suggested retail price.