Titan Quest Preview

The Armchair Empire has put together a preview of Titan Quest, based upon what we know about THQ and Iron Lore's action RPG so far. Here's a peek:
When players set off on their quest, they'll choose from one of the basic classes of the game, each of which's stats can be tweaked and improved over the course of the game. The gameplay itself is a very appreciative nod to Blizzard's classic action RPG, Diablo. Players will find themselves running around fighting local wildlife, soldiers, and mythical creatures from a three quarter over head view, gaining experience, and scoring loot all the while. Interestingly, the loot in the game will be a lot more realistically dropped than in something like Diablo. In the Blizzard RPG, players could get fancy weapons, armor and the like from killing even the wildlife, which doesn't make much sense from a realism standpoint. In order to make Titan Quest more believable, players will only get items like these from killing humanoids. The kicker is that players will even be able to see an enemy carrying the weapon or armor that they are going to drop before fighting them. So, if you see a bad guy wandering around with a really nice looking axe that you real want, run up and fight him. If you win, he'll drop the axe, and it's all yours.