Titan Quest Preview

GameSpy has put together a two-page preview of Titan Quest, the upcoming action RPG from THQ and Iron Lore Entertainment. A snippet:
Satyrs? Lots of them. Despite the beauty and realism of the environment, you're not there to check out the scenery: This is an action-RPG along the same vein as Diablo II. Although the interface isn't final yet, it was a simple matter to click on the monsters and cut a swath through them like you were mowing the grass. Armor, weapons, and goodies flew in all directions, littering the ground with loot.

One great thing about Titan Quest is that what you see is what you get: if a monster comes at you wearing scale mail armor and a handaxe, when you kill him, his armor and axe will crash to the ground. You're never stuck in the situation where you're killing a bunch of guys in heavy plate armor but for some reason you're not allowed to pick any of it up. The graphics in Titan Quest are detailed enough that you can see what monsters are equipped with, although often you're too furiously trying to kill them to notice.