Dungeons & Dragons Online Interview

GameSpy was lucky enough to track down Turbine's David Eckleberry during this year's GenCon and has published a two-page interview they had with the designer about the highly anticipated Dungeons & Dragons Online. Check it out:
"Dungeons & Dragons is a game about quests," Eckleberry said. "Once we realized that, we decided that in order to capture that dynamic, Dungeons & Dragons Online would need to be about quests, as well." As a result, the game doesn't have a tremendous amount of public land beyond the titular city of Stormreach where players congregate and form parties. Every dungeon in the game is instanced. The team did that so that players would own that dungeon once they entered and the development team could design plenty of environmental and tactical challenges like whole-room puzzles and deathtraps without having to worry about the demands of subsequent bands of adventurers.