City of Villains Preview

IGN PC has kicked up a new two-page preview of Cryptic Studios' City of Villains, after spending some firsthand time with the MMORPG expansion. A snippet:
Along with new costume accoutrements are new archetypes for villains. While at first glance many of these seem like changes to hero types with a sinister approach to nomenclature, most have a bit of a twist that put the evil in their power. The Brute for instance is a mix of melee classes with an emphasis on strength and destruction. They do a lot of damage and actually increase in damage the more they fight. Players that use these guys might be happy to keep fighting while others want to rest, creating a kind of mad berserker class. The Stalker relies on defense like the Defender, but does so more with stealth. This is your typical ninja/assassin type of character and has special powers that allows him or her to lose agro on enemies. The Mastermind is probably the biggest and newest change for the archetypes in CoV. These guys have the ability to call in pets to use as their minions. These creatures can be buffed and used in different ways. Unfortunately, the Mastermind was off limits when creating a character as they're not quite ready to bring more info out about them yet. The fourth archetype is the Dominator, who acts like a hero Controller. He has a bunch of control related powers that are more for stopping enemies in their tracks. The difference here is that they have more offensive power allowing them to stop an enemy and then close in for the kill. Finally, the Corrupter is the raw power of any villain team. They have many blasting ranged attacks, buffs for team and self, and a special Scourge ability that as enemies get weaker makes him or her stronger.