Auto Assault: A Life in the Wasteland

GameSpy has published a new four-page editorial for Auto Assault entitled "A Life in the Wasteland", in which they provide some background information about the game through the eyes of a Biomek Mastermind. Check it out:
Scrap Valley is one of the most "pacified" zones in the areas we control. That's not to say it's peaceful. We never get out of our vehicles outside of town -- nobody who wants to live does that. All that means is that the power level of our enemies is comparatively low. My first missions involved running operations among the local populace, investigating some unusual activity among the Pike bandits. Someone had been sabotaging equipment at repair stations up and down the Valley and the Pikes were becoming bolder in their attacks, citing the teachings of their buried prophet, "The Dustman." In the course of my investigation, I had to replace a number of repair pads, track down the source of odd radar signals, recover a dozen pieces of stolen mining equipment from boxes hidden in an alcove in the midst of a huge Pike encampment so that we could identify where they came from, and a lot more things as well.