Dungeons & Dragons Online Interview

GamerGod has conducted an interview with the Dungeons & Dragons Online development team, in which a few new details are revealed about Turbine's highly anticipated MMORPG. An excerpt to follow:
Q: Everyone wants to have a character that feels unique. What can we expect regarding options in the creation of individual looking characters?

A: DDO features a character creation tool with numerous options for facial features, hair styles, markings and tattoos, etc. A lot of customization will also come through the adventures that your character completes and the gear he acquires as a result. DDO features all of the armor and weapons found in the D&D Core Rules, with multiple appearances for each. Each set of armor will be generated dynamically, combining a number of different styles and elements (such as general appearance, added geometry such as shoulder plates, and colors appropriate for the armor type) for a highly distinctive appearance.

Going beyond appearance, the DDO allows for vast customization of characters in terms of their classes and abilities, just like the pen and paper experience. Between the multiclass options, the ability to select a unique set of skills, feats and spells, specialized gear and a customized avatar, each character can be unique and easily identified as one's own.