City of Villains Interview

Gamecloud has conducted an interview with Cryptic Studios' David "Zeb" Cook, in which the lead designer discusses the upcoming City of Villains expansion pack/standalone game hybrid. Here's a taste:
Q: What sorts of new archtypes will be put into City of Villains?

A: Because we didn't want players to play just the same old characters, CoV has 5 all new archetypes that are unique to being a villain. These better match the comic book style of villains too. These are the Brute, a melee guy who gets tougher and meaner the longer he is in combat he'll be interesting with other team members because he will want to rush from fight to fight while his Rage is still pumped up; the Stalker, who uses defense and stealth to make quick strikes but who has to be careful and use his new powers like Placate to keep from being killed; the Destroyer, who combines ranged attacks with buffs/debuffs; the Dominator, a master of control and assault; and the wholly new Mastermind, who can summon minions and support them while they do his fighting.